Ashneer Grover reacts to video of multiple Ferrari supercars stuck in Bengaluru traffic

You must have been living under a rock if you’re not aware of the infamous Bengaluru traffic congestion. We now have a viral video showcasing several Ferrari supercars stuck in the notorious Bengaluru traffic. The video has garnered several comments, and one, in particular, caught our attention. It was posted by the entrepreneur and former Shark Tank India judge, Ashneer Grover. He wrote, “More like Bengaluru takes down Ferrari! I feel the pain of having so many horses and being stuck in traffic.”

The video was shared by GM Pavan on his Instagram page. While Bengaluru traffic making headlines isn’t new, what sets this video apart is the presence of numerous supercars, and that too, so many of them. Spotting a supercar in Bengaluru isn’t that difficult; however, witnessing multiple Ferraris on the road, especially in one spot, is quite a sight. While some might consider it an excellent opportunity to see such exotic cars up close, we doubt the owners behind the wheel shared the same sentiment.

Ashneer Grover himself owns several expensive cars in his garage. The first is a Porsche Cayman. This two-door sports coupe uses a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine generating 295 bhp. He could relate to the Bengaluru traffic situation as he himself does not prefer driving the Cayman on busy Delhi roads. Earlier this year, he took the same car out for a spin on the Delhi roads, when it little traffic due to G20 summit. He even shared videos of the same online. Other than the Cayman, he owns a Mercedes Maybach S650, Mercedes-Benz GLS350, Audi A6 and Hyundai Verna in his garage.

Coming back to the short video, it displays several Ferrari supercars, including the 296 GTB, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Ferrari 458 Speciale, and Ferrari 488 Pista, on a busy road in Bengaluru. The video doesn’t explain the cause of the traffic jam on this particular stretch, as the opposite lane appears fairly empty. The video has gone viral on the internet, and over 3 lakh people have already liked it.

Ashneer Grover reacts to video of multiple Ferrari supercars stuck in Bengaluru traffic
Ferrari stuck in traffic jam

Driving a supercar has always been a challenge on Indian roads. The haphazardly built speed breakers often pose a threat to the bumper or splitters of these expensive cars. Many people who own such expensive cars often opt not to drive them regularly because of this reason. Another reason, as seen in the video, is the traffic. The likelihood of vehicles rubbing against each other in such traffic jams is higher, and that is probably the worst nightmare for any supercar owner.

Other users who commented on this Ferrari traffic jam video wrote, “I think Bangaloreans spend around 20 years of their life waiting in traffic. You won, but at what cost?” Another user wrote, “Kya fayda.. pahuchna to Suzuki se bhi utne time me hi hai” (It doesn’t matter what you drive, it’ll take you the same time to reach your destination as in a normal car in Bangalore).

Supercar culture in India has grown significantly over the years. Many young entrepreneurs and businessmen have been purchasing new, expensive, and exotic cars, many of which have also been featured on our website. In terms of population, the number of supercars and sports cars seen in cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru surpasses that of anywhere else. Bengaluru, in particular, boasts several enthusiasts, but the prevalent issue faced by people there is the notorious traffic jams.

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