Bajaj Avenger Street 160 Review: A Budget-Friendly Cruiser with Street Style

In the realm of cruiser bikes, where laid-back rides and classic aesthetics matter the most, the Bajaj Avenger Street 160 emerges as a viable option for budget-conscious riders. With its street-inspired design and accessible price point, this cruiser aims to capture the hearts of enthusiasts seeking an affordable yet stylish ride. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the Avenger Street 160, examining its styling, engine performance, comfort, and overall value within the cruiser segment.

Bajaj Avenger Street 160

Styling and Visual Appeal

The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 embraces a street-focused design language, setting it apart from traditional cruisers. The bike’s sleek silhouette is accentuated by a low-slung stance, a muscular fuel tank, and a minimalistic rear end. The blacked-out engine, alloy wheels, and exhaust system contribute to its urban appeal, while the vibrant color options add a touch of youthful exuberance. The LED tail light and halogen headlight provide a modern touch to the bike’s overall aesthetics.

Bajaj Avenger Sreet 160 style

Engine and Performance

Powering the Avenger Street 160 is a 160cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that delivers 15 PS of power at 8,500 rpm and 13.7 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. The engine is equipped with Bajaj’s Twin Spark DTS-i technology and fuel injection system, ensuring efficient combustion and smooth power delivery. While the engine may not boast the raw grunt of larger cruisers, it provides ample performance for city riding and occasional highway stints. The exhaust note is subdued yet pleasant, adding to the bike’s overall charm.

Attribute Bajaj Avenger Street 160
Engine Type Single cylinder, Twin Spark DTS-i, Fuel Injected, 4 stroke, SOHC, 2 valve, Air cooled
Displacement 160 cc
Peak Power 15 PS @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque 13.7 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection
Cooling System Air Cooled
Mileage (City) 47.2 kmpl
Mileage (Highway) 50.77 kmpl

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Avenger Street 160 prioritizes rider comfort, offering a relaxed and upright seating position. The split seat design provides ample cushioning and support for both the rider and the pillion. The wide handlebars and forward-set footpegs contribute to a comfortable riding stance, making it ideal for leisurely city cruising. The bike’s suspension setup, with telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear, effectively absorbs road imperfections, delivering a plush ride quality.

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 comfort

Ride Quality and Handling

Despite its cruiser underpinnings, the Avenger Street 160 showcases commendable handling characteristics. The bike feels nimble and agile in city traffic, thanks to its lightweight construction and responsive steering. The 17-inch front and 15-inch rear alloy wheels, shod with tubeless tires, provide excellent grip and stability. The single-channel ABS-equipped braking system, with a 280mm disc at the front and a 130mm drum at the rear, offers adequate stopping power for most riding situations.

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 handling

Customization and Aftermarket Support

The Bajaj Avenger Street 160’s popularity among young riders has fostered a thriving aftermarket community. Owners can personalize their bikes with a wide range of accessories, including windscreens, saddlebags, crash guards, and custom exhausts. Bajaj’s extensive dealership network ensures easy availability of genuine parts and accessories, making customization a hassle-free process.

Real-World Riding Experience and Touring Capabilities

While the Avenger Street 160 is primarily designed for city riding, it can comfortably handle occasional long rides. The bike’s ergonomics and suspension setup provide a comfortable riding experience, allowing riders to cover decent distances without fatigue. The 13-liter fuel tank offers a respectable range, making it suitable for weekend getaways. However, the absence of wind protection and limited storage capacity may be a consideration for extended touring.

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 on the road

Value and Ownership

With a price tag of Rs. 1,17,702 (ex-showroom), the Bajaj Avenger Street 160 offers excellent value for money in the entry-level cruiser segment. The bike’s build quality, reliability, and Bajaj’s widespread service network instill confidence in long-term ownership. When compared to its competitors, the Avenger Street 160 stands out with its street-focused design, fuel efficiency, and affordability, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious riders.

Variant Price (Ex-Showroom)
Bajaj Avenger Street 160 BS6 Rs. 1,17,702


The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 is a compelling cruiser bike that combines affordability with street-inspired style. Its nimble handling, comfortable ergonomics, and fuel-efficient engine make it an ideal companion for city rides and occasional highway adventures. While it may not offer the outright performance of larger cruisers, the Avenger Street 160 excels in delivering a budget-friendly and enjoyable riding experience. With its extensive customization options and Bajaj’s reliable after-sales support, the Avenger Street 160 is a strong contender for riders seeking an accessible entry point into the cruiser segment.

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