Bitcoin ‘for you and your family’ to stop inflation? This man says yes…

  • Powell admits difficulty in stabilizing inflation at 2%, citing its volatile nature.
  • Kiyosaki recommends gold, silver, and Bitcoin as hedges against inflation and fiat devaluation.

In a recent discussion, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell addressed the current state of inflation in the United States. Despite a slight uptick of 2.5% in February, Powell highlighted the challenges in stabilizing inflation at the desired 2% level, citing its volatile nature.

 Expressing apprehension in response to Powell’s recent remarks regarding inflation, Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” added, 

“Fed Chairman Powell finally told the truth. Last week he finally admitted inflation is winning. The Fed can no longer promise inflation at 2% or that inflation is “transitory.”  Again he finally stopped lying. Congratulations.” 

Powell’s defensive stance 

On the contrary, Powell speaking at a business conference at Stanford University, discussed the Federal Reserve’s approach to potential interest rate cuts in response to inflation.

He emphasized that while progress has been made in addressing price increases, recent months have seen a slowdown in these efforts. 

He noted, 

“On inflation, it’s too soon to say whether the recent readings represent more than just a bump.”

Amid rising inflation concerns, Kiyosaki continues to endorse investments in “real” assets such as gold, silver, and Bitcoin [BTC], citing their effectiveness as hedges against inflation and fiat currency devaluation. 

“I am a hard, real money, advocate, and I only save real gold, silver, and Bitcoin. I recommend the same for you and your family.” 

Adding a word of caution he further added, 

“Please wake up and take control of your money and your information.” 

These remarks reflect widespread skepticism about traditional financial systems and regulatory policies, coinciding with concerns over $34 trillion national debt in U.S.


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