Black teachers: How to recruit them and make them stay

Black teachers: How to recruit them and make them stay | EdSource

Above: P.E. Teacher Preston Jackson oversees class at California Middle School in Sacramento, Calif. Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024.

Having a Black teacher in the classroom increases test scores and lowers suspension rates for all students, according to research. But the number of Black teachers is declining nationwide and appears stagnant in California. The cost of teacher preparation and the practice of not paying student teachers make it difficult for Black teacher candidates to earn a credential. Once in the classroom, a lack of support and respect sometimes makes it difficult for them to remain. The recruitment and retention of Black teachers has taken on new urgency in recent years as state leaders attempt to solve teacher shortage. Several school districts as well as the state have launched initiatives that focus on recruiting teachers of color, but educators say more needs to be done.


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