Exclusive Q&A: Jovy brand pioneers first and only EWG-verified makeup for kids

Exclusive Q A Jovy brand pioneers first and only EWG verified makeup for kids

During this year’s NYSCC Suppliers’ Day show, CosmeticsDesign met with Cahow for an exclusive Q&A to explore the journey behind Jovy’s inception, learn more about Cahow’s personal inspiration, and hear about the meticulous process of obtaining EWG verification. From addressing the concerns of discerning parents to prioritizing full-label transparency and quality formulation, Jovy is working towards setting a new standard in the industry by ensuring that young minds can safely explore the world of makeup with confidence and joy.

CDU: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind creating Jovy, the first EWG verified kids makeup?

Thai-Ling Cahow (TLC)​: The inspiration for Jovy was my daughter. When she was born, her delicate skin would react to a lot of common products marketed for kids. This led me to scrutinize product ingredients obsessively, a truly exhausting task. I was fed up with the hidden toxins in kids’ products, especially ones marketed as safe.

When my daughter was four, she started asking to play with makeup. As a budding artist, I saw it as another avenue for creative play, which is essential for kids to learn and grow.  So I went on a hunt for a ‘clean’ ‘non-toxic’ kids makeup for her to play with safely. I bought several kits from best sellers list, with no success.

I still remember sitting on her bedroom floor, googling ingredient by ingredient, and growing increasingly mad about the harmful toxins included in these types of products for kids. I decided right then and there to create something actually clean and safe for kids to play with while relieving parents from the worry and frustration I had experienced with similar products.

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