Famous ‘Vada Pav Girl’ Chandrika Dixit Arrives In Ford Mustang To Buy iPhone 15 (Video)

Chandrika Dixit is a name you might not be familiar with, but you definitely know her. She is better known by her social media name, “Vada Pav girl”. Yes, the same girl that you have seen fighting in front of her Vada Pav stall on public roads. She was recently spotted arriving at a popular mobile phone shop in Delhi. Now the most unique part about this was that although she claims to be poor, she was seen arriving at the shop in a Ford Mustang sportscar.

Vada pav girl arrives in a Ford Mustang

The video of the influencer arriving at the mobile phone shop has been shared on YouTube by Dekho Dekho. In this short clip, a matte military green color wrapped Ford Mustang is seen stopping. Following this, a man from the driver side and the Vada Pav girl from the passenger side come out of this Mustang.

Next up, the Vada Pav girl, along with the man, enter the shop called “JJ Communication”. It is a popular mobile phone shop from Delhi which has gained popularity online. It has done so by inviting popular social media influencers on a regular basis.

Ford Mustang Vada pav girl

This time around, the Vada Pav girl was invited and was gifted a brand-new iPhone 15 Pro smartphone. Vada Pav girl was seen being handed over a new iPhone 15 Pro, a smartwatch, and a pair of Airpods Pro.

Apart from these, she was also given a bag from JJ Communication. She then poses with the mobile phone and the owner of the shop with whom she arrived in the Ford Mustang.

Does Vada pav girl own the Ford Mustang?

Now you may be wondering if the Vada pav girl owns this particular Ford Mustang or not. The answer to this question is that we are not sure. It’s likely that the owner of JJ Communication owns this matte military green color wrapped Ford Mustang. However, we cannot confirm this.

Ford Mustang

Ford mustang 2015

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time. It was offered in the Indian automotive market when Ford was still present in the country. It was originally launched in India back in 2016 at a price tag of Rs 65 lakh. Ford India sold a decent number of Mustangs in the country.

One of the most popular Mustang owners in the country is none other than Neeraj Chopra – the “Golden Boy” of Indian sports. He bought himself this sportscar and got it wrapped in a stunning shade of blue with white racing stripes.

A video walkaround of his car was shared online. Ford offered the pre-facelift Mustang in India with a massive 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine. This motor came mated with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. It produced a maximum power output of 400 PS and a peak torque output of 515 Nm.

This motor, coupled with a good exhaust, makes some of the best exhaust notes of all cars. Apart from Neeraj Chopra, the popular Bollywood movie director Rohit Shetty also owned an electric blue color wrapped Ford Mustang with modified wheels and body kit.

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