Free Printable Money Math Worksheets For Kids

Today, we have free printable money math worksheets! Kids of all ages will have so much fun with these educational free printable money math worksheets. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary aged kids can all really benefit using these simple money math worksheets. Download and print these math worksheets which are perfect for using at home or in the classroom to learn about money and counting.

Money Math Worksheets cut into slips with quarters, plastic eggs, and 75 cents written on the sheet on a wooden background- kids activities blog
Learn counting and about money with these simple printable money math worksheets.

Printable Money Math Worksheets For Kids

Math can be hard and dull. But it doesn’t have to be! These money math worksheets make it fun and easy to learn. Younger children and older children will both benefit from using these money math worksheets to not only explore addition, but subtraction, different coins, their amounts, and problem solving. Click the button to download and print these money math worksheets now:

This budget-friendly math activity is going to keep your little one busy and learning for a hot minute! Plus, it’s never too early to teach children about money and money management.

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Supplies Suggested To Use These Free Money Math Worksheets

How We Used Our Free Money Math Worksheets

Step 1

Print it and cut the problems into strips and partially fill them out for your kids to solve.

Step 2

In the first math worksheet it reads: ” ______ NICKLES   = ______.”

We would fill in one blank and the kids had to “solve” the answer. So ___ NICKLES = 25 cents and we would leave a single nickle in there. My daughter would need to add 4 more nickles to equal 25 cents. She could also work backwards. Another strip of paper could read: ” _ 5 _ DIMES = _____” – she would need to count out five dimes, put them into the egg and write the amount (50 Cents) on the slip of paper.

Money math worksheets- Text: put the total amount on the outside of the egg. Place a group of coins inside the eggs to have kids + or - to make the total- kids activities blog
Write the total amount and then put random coins inside and allow your child to figure out whether they need to add or subtract coins to get the right total!

Step 3

We also had a version for my older child to get some extra practice. We wrote the total on the outside of the egg, say $1.58, or another random number.  

Then I would pick random coins and put them into the egg. If the coins in the egg were too many, she would have to remove some to make the total. If there was not enough money to make that total, she would need to add more coins to create that amount and fill the egg.

Money math worksheets printed pdf black and white pages stacked on a wooden counter with a metal jar of coins- kids activities blog
Grab your free printable money math worksheets.

Our egg money math station was one of the kids favorite ways to play, count and learn with coins.

DOWNLOAD Your Free Printable Money Math Worksheets PDF File Here

This money math worksheets page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

My Experience With These Fun And Simple Money Math Worksheets

When I was a teacher I loved using stations, now as a homeschooling parent I still enjoy making “stations” for the kids. I think that “station” or project activities for school help make learning more real, less theoretical.

As our house is swimming in Easter Eggs (and it’s not even Easter yet!!) We used some of our eggs to make two math stations for my kiddos. One station for basic addition of coins, and grouping of coins, the other for coming up with a total. We created a math worksheet printable.  


  • Plastic Eggs
  • Money Math Worksheet Printables
  • Coins (Real or plastic)
  • Markers
  • Egg Carton


  1. Download and print out your money math worksheets.
  2. Cut the worksheets into strips.
  3. Partially fill out the blanks so your kids will have problems to solve.
  4. Fill out the latter half i.e ——-nickels=25 cents.
  5. You can also add a total outside the plastic eggs and fill them with random coins and your child will then have to figure out to add or subtract.
  6. Then let them fill out the papers with the amounts.

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How will you use these free printable money math worksheets? Tell us your ideas!

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