From east to west: US consumers showing more interest in C-beauty rituals – Florasis

Florasis US consumers showing more interest in C beauty rituals

Florasis, known as 花西子 in its home country, started expanding overseas in 2021 with the US as one of the main markets it focused on.

“The US market’s openness to global beauty trends and its reputation as a melting pot of cultures aligns perfectly with Florasis’ vision. The trend towards inclusivity and diversity in beauty preferences presents an unprecedented opportunity for Florasis to bring a fresh perspective with our C-Beauty heritage,”​ said Gabby Chen, president of global expansion for Florasis.

“Our expansion in the US is fuelled by the desire to introduce our unique blend of traditional C-Beauty philosophy and modern aesthetics to a broader audience. The increasing interest in C-beauty and diversity in beauty standards presents an exciting opportunity for Florasis.”

According to Chen, the brand has seen “remarkable success”​ in expanding overseas over the past three years.

“The allure of C-Beauty culture lies in its rich history and philosophy that is woven into Florasis’ product narratives. For example, our Floral Engraving Beauty Goddess Makeup Palette, which incorporates floral imprints and ingredients known in Chinese folklore for their beauty benefits, is poised to capture the imagination of US consumers,” ​she said.

Moving forward, the company aims to reach US consumers through innovative products that embody the C-Beauty heritage, which includes its use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) ingredients in its products.

“The rising trend of skin care infused with natural and holistic ingredients offers Florasis a unique position with our TCM-inspired products. The US market’s increasing curiosity towards C-Beauty rituals and ingredients like lotus extracts, peony, and pearl powder, which are prevalent in our product lines, is an area we’re keen to capitalise on,”​ said Chen.

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