Hamster Kombat ‘leading the pack’? Attracts 239M users in just three months

  • Hamster Kombat attracted 239 million users in 90 days, leading in crypto and Web3.
  • Its contemporary, Notcoin, declined by 18.16%, but Social Dominance and Sentiment remained positive.

A new Telegram-based game, Hamster Kombat, has rapidly gained popularity within the crypto and Web3 community, going viral on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) as a result.

The success of Hamster Kombat

Within just three months, Hamster Kombat has attracted around 239 million users to its Telegram mini app. This exponential growth is one-of-a-kind in the tech world, making it one of the most successful platforms in 2024.

Remarking on the same, Telegram founder Pavel Durov, in his recent Telegram post said, 

“A new wave of mini-apps on Telegram is coming, and Hamster Kombat is now leading the pack.” 

Expanding more on the topic, he added, 

Pavel Durov

Source: Pavel Durov/Telegram

Many believe the platform’s success mirrors the trend of popular play-to-earn tokens like Notcoin [NOT].

Notably, the rapid success has led the team to apply for a Guinness World Record for being the first YouTube channel to surpass 10 million subscribers within a week. 

Echoing similar sentiments, crypto YouTuber Ajay Kashyap said, 

“Hamster Kombat smashing records.” 

Downsides to consider

However, not everything appears to be smooth sailing, as the firm’s plans to launch on the Toncoin[TON] blockchain seem delayed.

Interestingly, despite the team disclosing an official launch date for its token, players have been able to link TON wallets in the game since June 2024.

Reiterating the same, a student consultant with the ticker @i_jandor noted, 

“When is Hamster getting Launched? The delay is becoming obvious.” 

What’s the link with Notcoin?

Hamster Kombat, similar to Notcoin, provides users the chance to earn coins using a Telegram mini app, making the game as easy as opening a chat.

In a recent live session, the team behind Hamster Kombat acknowledged Notcoin’s influence on their success.

They emphasized how utilizing Telegram’s strong social features greatly boosted the game’s quick rise in popularity.

But despite Hamster Kombat’s success, NOT has experienced a decline, down by 18.16% in the past 24 hours.

However, AMBCrypto’s analysis of Santiment data of NOT showed an increase in Social Dominance, Social Volume, and positive sentiment.


Source: Santiment

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