Konro Offers Bucket List-Level Dining in West Palm Beach

Konro offers one of the most daring and impressive dining experiences in Palm Beach County for those seeking exclusive culinary delights. Konro, at 424 Park Place, #101 in West Palm Beach, strongly focuses on precision and excellence in technique-driven cuisine. The personable hospitality at the heart of this hidden gem sets it apart from other fine-dining experiences by acclaimed starred chefs. The ten-seat, tasting-menu-only concept is the creation of the husband and wife team chef Jacob Bickelhaupt and sommelier Nadia Bickelhaupt. Konro’s experience entails intimate and private dining, executed solely by the Bickelhaupts. This ensures the utmost attention is paid to every detail, resulting in seamless harmony throughout the entire meal.

“Konro was designed to be as much an extension of our home as it was a dining experience,” says Nadia, who guides the entire evening as Jacob creates edible art on his plated canvas behind her, nestled inside the U-shaped chef counter. 

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“There isn’t anyone who could ever pair my dishes with the most distinguished wines or sake as congruently as Nadia does,” Jacob says, a self-taught chef, who earned two Michelin stars at his Chicago restaurant, 42 Grams and was part of the 2015 class of Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chefs. “The way we work so synergistically is like a dance we learned in another life.”

The menu concept at Konro is described by Jacob as global cuisine executed with classic techniques. The dishes are infused with modern interpretations and flavors from around the world, picked up through experience and artistic expression.

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“We’ve all experienced those ‘serious dinners’ that might wow but are void of warmth,” he says, “but that’s not what you will find here. We both open the door and welcome guests – returning and new – with open arms. My personal playlist fills the room and I change it up as the night progresses and our guests start to interact with each other. A night here feels like the most exquisite dinner party you’ve ever attended prepared by the hands, and at the home of, good friends.”

After being seated, the diners are briefed on the culinary adventure that awaits them. Nadia pours the first glass – a luxurious French Champagne in pristine stemware. The experience includes 10 to 14 courses, choreographed with a cadence typically lasting around 2½ hours. The tasting menu experience costs $390 per person, excluding additional tax, gratuity, and beverage pairings. The guests are taken on a masterful culinary journey throughout the evening with a natural progression. Before serving any dish or libation, Nadia and Jacob passionately explain each pairing and encourage questions. No conventional partition is present between the guests and Nadia and Jacob, and organic conversation and personal banter flow throughout the evening.

With each course, guests can choose a wine pairing curated by Nadia or a non-alcoholic house-made beverage pairing that the Chef has personally crafted.

“The thoughtfulness that goes into each pairing is its own adventure,” says Nadia. “Jacob and I speak our own language and are so deeply connected that based on my descriptions and my wine pairing tasting notes, even though he doesn’t drink, he is able to create the most symbiotic N/A pairing and vice versa. Ultimately, what we’re aiming for is something that complements the dish yet also beautifully echoes the alcohol pairing in flavor, viscosity, and mouth feel.”

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