Labour to launch ‘ambitious’ AI strategy to bolster technology credentials

Labour’s shadow science minister has said the party is planning to launch its strategy on artificial intelligence (AI) within the next couple of weeks, as it looks to bolster its technology policies ahead of the next general election.

Peter Kyle, Labour’s shadow science, innovation and technology secretary, told an audience of business leaders on Tuesday night: “In a couple of weeks’ time you’ll see the launch of the AI strategy and you’re going to start to see, as we approach the government, the sheer scale of ambition that we have for what we can do together.”

“We are formulating a plan for government that will harness your innovation and your insight into the economy, the drive that you have,” added Kyle, who was speaking at a Labour business dinner held at London’s Science Museum.

“If it is out there in the private sector creating wealth and jobs for our country, then we want to make sure that you have the economy that fully capitalises it and that you don’t have to go abroad to get the money that you need to upscale…and the skills that you need.”

Attendee Steven George-Hilley, founder of city PR firm Centropy said: “Having a national AI strategy in place is critical for ensuring the UK remains a global hub of tech innovation. As we approach the general election, it’s critical that all parties put forward clear action plans for embracing AI to accelerate economic growth.”

Derek Mackenzie, CEO of Investigo, part of The IN Group, said: “It’s encouraging to see AI at the top of the political agenda, particularly with the UK’s skills shortage leaving businesses struggling to recruit the highly skilled staff they need to reap the full benefits of the technology.  Moving forward, we need to see more collaboration between policymakers, businesses, and academic institutions to ensure the UK is training the next generation of AI talent, as well as spreading skills across existing workforces.”

Libero Raspa, director of IT consultancy adesso UK “AI is a truly transformational technology that will have a profound impact on the way businesses operate and turbocharge the UK economy. It’s critical that policymakers have a clear action plan in place to ensure it is deployed both ethically and responsibly. However, policymakers need to strike a balance between necessary regulation and fostering an environment conducive to innovation. With the support of industry experts, innovation hubs, and cross-sector committees, they can better understand the stages at which their actions impact innovation and be better positioned to protect public interests while also encouraging technological and business advancements.”

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