LEGO Balance Scale STEM Project For Kids

Let’s make a LEGO scale. Building a LEGO scale is a really easy and fun LEGO stem idea that can be made with bricks you already own! This cool LEGO project ideas that you’ll want to try right now and works well at home or in the classroom for LEGO building aged kids. So go get your LEGO set because we’re about to get started!

LEGO Balance Scale Stem Project
There are so many things you can do with LEGOs, but today we are doing creative STEM activities that will make your child feel like a scientist!

LEGO Balance Scale STEM Project

My favorite part about this activity book is that each activity comes with a lesson. The project I am about to show you introduces kids to the science concept of mass versus weight by building a LEGO balance scale.

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Supplies You Need To Build a LEGO Scale

  • 12 — 1 x 6 bricks
  • 6 — 1 x 4 bricks
  • 4 — 1 x 2 bricks
  • 1 — 6 x 12 plate
  • 4 — 4 x 6 plates
  • 2 — 1 x 16 Technic bricks
  • 9 — 2 x 4 bricks
  • 2 — 2 x 4 plates
  • 1 — 2 x 2 brick with a pin on each side

Direction To Make A Lego Scale

Step 1

Start by building the pans for the balance.

Step 2

Place two of the 4 x 6 plates side by side.

Step 3

Create a perimeter to lock them together using six 1 x 6 bricks, 2 1 x 4 bricks, and 2 1 x 2 bricks.

Step 4

Repeat with the other plates and bricks so you have two pans.

Step 5

Next, stack nine 2 x 4 bricks into a tower to create the base of the scale.

Step 6

Place the 2 x 2 brick with two pins at the top of your tower.

Step 7

Now, attach the two 1 x 16 Technic bricks to the pins and place a 2 x 4 plate on each end at the top to balance the weight.

Step 8

Add a 1 x 4 brick beneath the Technic bricks at each end to create an attachment for the pans.

Step 9

Finally, attach the pans to the scale using the 1 x 4 bricks you placed in the last step.

LEGO balance scale
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Now use your LEGO balance scale to try some experiments. Can you balance a set of rocks and marbles? What happens when you move the fulcrum from the middle of the scale to one of the sides? The possibilities are endless!

LEGO balance scale
Building this LEGO balance scale was so much fun and a great experiment for kids who are already interested in engineering!

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How did your LEGO scale turn out? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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