Lush Sustainability Specialist to discuss future-forward ethical practices in Sustainable Cosmetics Summit keynote

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Lush Sustainability Specialist to deliver keynote speech

Taking place this week in New York City (June 4-6), the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit – North America edition draws industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries to discuss the future of sustainability in cosmetics and personal care products. Among the keynote speakers is Connie Norton, a Specialist on the Lush North America Sustainability team, who will deliver a speech titled “Building a Sustainable Tomorrow.” Her role involves ensuring that Lush’s sustainability efforts extend throughout its value chain, from sourcing to logistics.

In an interview with CosmeticsDesign, Norton provided insights into her upcoming keynote presentation, including Lush’s innovative approaches towards sustainability and the company’s commitment to ethical practices.

Preview of the “Building a Sustainable Tomorrow” keynote 

Norton explained that her upcoming keynote speech will delve into the culture of sustainability at Lush. “We will focus on how we’ve grown a Lush culture that can support a sustainable tomorrow,” she shared. Lush aims to embed sustainability in all business areas, inspiring both the workforce and customers to be changemakers, she added, which “is critical to, as we say, leave the world Lusher than we found it.

Balancing innovation with ethical product standards

One of the core values at Lush is maintaining high ethical standards while fostering innovation, which will be discussed in Norton’s keynote speech. “The Lush founders, who are still creating products today, and product inventors always have our values at heart, and in mind,” she shared, as “our ethics have always been ingrained in the creative process; and have evolved along with it.”

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