Maruti Fronx Hybrid Coming Soon: Details

After Maruti Grand Vitara Hybrid, Maruti is readying a Fronx Hybrid

India’s largest automobile manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, is gearing up to revolutionize the hybrid vehicle market with its upcoming Fronx Hybrid model. The company, along with the Maruti Fronx Hybrid, will be launching a number of new hybrid cars in the country. As per Autocar India, these new hybrid vehicles will feature the brand’s new Series Hybrid powertrain. This new cutting-edge hybrid technology will use electric motors to propel the car, with the internal combustion engine only being used as a generator.

Maruti Fronx Hybrid Coming Soon: Details

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Hybrid: Details

According to reports, the upcoming Maruti Fronx Hybrid, slated to arrive in 2025, will boast a remarkable claimed mileage of 35 kilometers per liter (kmpl). This exceptional fuel efficiency will be achieved with the help of the company’s new series hybrid powertrain, which it is currently developing. This new hybrid powertrain has been code-named HEV. What will be special about this hybrid powertrain is that, unlike traditional hybrid systems, the HEV powertrain will utilize a petrol engine solely as a generator to produce electricity for an electric motor, which in turn drives the wheels.

A hybrid version of the Fronx definitely makes sense for the carmaker and customers. Fuel prices are only expected to rise steadily, and full electric vehicles are still too costly for most buyers (and does not make much sense for those who do not drive much). The Grand Vitara Hybrid’s fuel economy figures are a major temptation for customers visiting Maruti Suzuki showroom – and a Fronx Hybrid could also attract serious numbers.

Maruti Fronx Hybrid Coming Soon: Details

This innovative design, as per the company, not only simplifies the powertrain but also reduces production costs, which helps the brand offer the cars with a more affordable price tag. Additionally, it has been reported that the new Maruti Suzuki Fronx hybrid, along with other hybrid models from the HEV series hybrid range, will come powered by the all-new Z12E three-cylinder engine. This compact yet powerful engine will act as a generator and will charge a 1.5-2 kWh battery pack or drive an efficient electric motor that powers the front wheels. With this new series hybrid system, the company is aiming to offer a better driving experience characterized by smooth acceleration, responsive handling, and reduced emissions. Read CarToq’s Review of the Maruti Suzuki Fronx

Other details about the Fronx Hybrid

Maruti Fronx Hybrid Coming Soon: Details

At the moment, the exact details about the design and features that will be offered with the new Fronx Hybrid have been kept under wraps. However, most likely, the exterior and interior design will remain the same, and the only major change will be on the mechanical front. However, it has not been confirmed, and it could also happen that the company could provide this new model a facelift and tweak the styling as well. The company as mentioned is planning to launch the Fronx hybrid in 2025 and it has been codenamed YTB. The company is also aiming to achieve 40,000 units sales annually for this new model.

Maruti Fronx Hybrid Coming Soon: Details

In other Maruti Suzuki Fronx news, the company launched the new Velocity Edition of the Fronx. The all-new Velocity Edition Fronx will come available with Delta+, Zeta, and Alpha variants. Interested customers who will be opting for these variants can also opt to pay for the Velocity Edition accessories by making a payment of Rs 43,000. Maruti Suzuki India Limited has announced that this new Velocity Edition package will be only available with the Turbo variants of the Fronx crossover.

Maruti Fronx Hybrid Coming Soon: Details

A total of 16 new accessories will be offered with the new Fronx Velocity Edition, and the list includes an exterior styling kit (Grey + Red), door visor premium, front bumper painted garnish, ORVM cover, headlamp garnish, body side molding, rear bumper painted garnish, illuminated door sill guard, rear upper spoiler extender, wheel arch garnish, front grille garnish, and back door garnish. Additionally, the interior will also get a few upgrades as well.


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