Maruti Jimny: First made-in-India body kit is here [Video]

Maruti Suzuki launched the much-awaited Jimny SUV in India earlier this year. We drove the SUV both on and off the road and detailed reviews of the same are available online. Unlike the Jimny sold internationally, we got the 5-door version, which is a lot more practical and spacious. People who bought the Jimny have started modifying it, and many of them waited for international brands to make body kits suitable for the 5-door version. We have seen many modified versions of the Jimny to date. Here, we have a video where a Maruti Jimny has been modified with India’s first made-in-India body kit.

The video has been uploaded by Dayakaran vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger introduces Bullhorn Vehicle Customization shop in Delhi. The shop owner talks about all the services they provide. He mentions that Bullhorn is known for quality products, and in order to deliver such products, they do proper research, which often takes time. The shop owner mentions that the kit used on this particular Jimny is not imported and is completely made in India.

The kit has been designed like a G-Wagen conversion kit that we have seen in the past. The car gets a new aftermarket grille that sits neatly on the existing mounting point. The vlogger calls it a bolt-on kit with zero modifications to the existing setup. The front grille of the Jimny was completely replaced with the new aftermarket unit. The grille on the front is made of ABS quality plastic, and the rest of the bumper also uses the same material.

Maruti Jimny: First made-in-India body kit is here [Video]
Jimny gets made-in-India body kit

The mesh behind the grille is actually metal to protect the internal components. The bumper has also been redesigned. It is also an aftermarket unit with black splitter-like units at the bottom. Coming to the side profile, the stock fenders have been replaced with a new unit. These fenders give a wider look to the SUV than the stock version. The bonnet gets a faux scoop that adds muscle to the car. On the roof, we can see a plastic mount with LED bar lights installed in it. The lights are actually part of the kit. A snorkel has also been installed on this SUV.

Another noticeable change on this SUV is the wheels. They are not part of the kit; however, the owner got them upgraded for a clean look. The car now gets G-Wagen-like alloy wheels with thick-profile tires. The size of the wheels and tires is not mentioned here. They complement the overall stance of the vehicle. As we move to the rear, you notice a roof-mounted spoiler at the back. The SUV gets the stock spare wheel mounted on the tailgate with a cover. The rear bumper on this Jimny has also been replaced with a new one. The body kit panels can be painted as per the body color of the car or as per customer request. In this case, the SUV was finished in Kinetic Yellow shade with a blacked-out roof. The body kit panels also followed a similar combination for a cleaner look. The body kit does look good, but it is not the best-looking unit currently available in the market. The front grille especially looks a bit odd.

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