PEPE holders in 100% profit as memecoin hits 3 ATHs in 3 days

  • Pepe has seen three consecutive ATHs in the last three days.
  • 100% of its holders are now holding at a profit.

Pepe [PEPE] has experienced notable upward momentum in recent days, consistently reaching new all-time highs. Alongside this surge, the number of holders has expanded, indicating growing interest in the asset.

Recent data further highlighted the positive sentiment surrounding the token, revealing that 100% of its holders were in profit at press time.

Pepe accumulation increases

Recent data indicated an increased accumulation of Pepe.

According to information from Spot on Chain, a trader withdrew approximately 407.74 billion PEPE, valued at around $4.2 million at the time, from Binance. 

Pepe exchange outflow

Source: Santiment

Additionally, AMBCrypto’s analysis of the exchange flow suggested a tightening balance between inflows and outflows, with outflows slightly surpassing inflows.

As of this writing, exchange inflows totaled approximately 1.7 trillion, while outflows amounted to around 2.1 trillion. This suggests a trend of more of the token leaving exchanges despite the coin’s rising price.

Pepe gets more holders and profits

Analysis of the holders’ chart on Santiment revealed a notable increase in the number of Pepe holders over the past few days.

The chart indicated a rise of over 3,000 new holders within the last five days, with the current count exceeding 221,000 holders.

This uptrend suggested a sustained influx of new investors, reflecting heightened interest in the token. 

Pepe holdersPepe holders

Source: Santiment

Also, data from IntoTheBlock indicated that all holders are currently in profit, with 100% of them experiencing gains relative to their initial investment due to the current price appreciation.

Additionally, recent data from Lookonchain highlighted a significant transaction involving a wallet that has been actively accumulating the token since December 2023.

Over this period, the wallet invested approximately $1.49 million to acquire 1.4 trillion tokens.

However, the wallet recently sold 140 billion tokens, equivalent to around 10% of its holdings, for approximately $1.57 million.

Pepe hits new ATH

AMBCrypto’s analysis of Pepe’s price chart revealed a remarkable trend characterized by consecutive new all-time highs over the past three days. Pepe experienced an impressive surge on the 13th of May, achieving an over 13% increase and reaching an ATH of 0.0000099. 

Pepe price trendPepe price trend

Source: TradingView

Subsequently, on the 14th of May, another notable uptick of over 6% propelled it to a new ATH of around $0.000010.

As of this writing, it was trading at approximately $0.000011, marking another ATH with over a 7% increase.

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Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicated a strong bull trend, with Pepe currently in the overbought territory.

This suggested significant buying pressure and investor optimism surrounding Pepe’s price trajectory.

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