Printable Fun Facts About Monkeys for Kids To Print and Learn

Let’s explore some silly and fun monkey facts for kids! Today we are learning all about friendly monkeys with our monkey facts worksheets. Keep scrolling to find our PDF download link, which includes two monkey facts printables filled with pictures and facts about monkeys for kids of all ages. These two pages with monkey facts and pictures are great for at home or in the classroom.

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Download & print our monkey facts sheets!

Free Printable Monkey Facts for Kids

Kids love monkeys – maybe because both kids and monkeys are very playful? Probably! Click the button to download these monkey fun facts now:

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Monkeys are primates that love to play around with other animals. Did you know there are hundreds of different species of monkeys? Some are very tiny, like the pygmy marmoset, others are super loud, like the howler monkeys. Others are the bonobo, mandrill, macaque… Can you think of any more monkeys? Most of them prefer to live in trees, but some prefer to live on the ground, like baboons. Let’s celebrate monkeys with our fun facts!

Fun Monkey Facts To Share With Your Friends

Monkey facts printed pdf file page one shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about monkey
This is the first page of our monkey facts printable.
  1. Monkeys are primates that tend to live in tropical rainforests of Africa, Central and South America, and Asia.
  2. There are about 260 monkey species that we know about.
  3. Most monkeys, with the exception of macaques and baboons, are arboreals, which means they spend the majority of their lives in trees.
  4. Capuchin monkeys are some of the smartest monkeys as they can use tools and learn new skills.
  5. The world’s smallest monkey is called Pygmy Marmoset, and it weighs around 4oz and is around 5in tall.
Monkey facts printed pdf file page two shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about monkey
…and this is the second page in our free monkey fact printable PDF.
  1. The world’s largest monkey is the mandrill, it weighs around 77lbs and is 3ft tall.
  2. Monkeys are very social animals and like to play, cuddle, and protect each other in their groups.
  3. Not all primates are monkeys. One of the main differences is that monkeys have tails, while apes and other primates do not.
  4. Monkeys groom each other as an expression of affection.
  5. Howler monkeys have one of the loudest calls of any land animals and can be heard from a distance of 3 miles.
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Did you know these facts about monkeys?

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Bonus Monkey Fun Facts

  • There are 30 different types of monkeys that live in tropical forests.
  • There are also types of monkeys that live in savannas.
  • A spider monkey has a prehensile tail.
  • Gorillas are a type of ape, not a monkey.
  • Orangutans are also not monkeys, they are an ape.
  • The snub nose monkey has a flat face, two small nostrils, and a lot of fuzzy fur.
  • Monkeys do have cheek pouches.
  • Scientists give names to everything. What is the scientific names for monkeys? It is Simiiformes.
  • The woolly monkeys live in the rainforests of South America.
  • You can find squirrel monkeys in Southern and Central America.
  • Snow monkeys live in Japan.
  • The barbary macaque is a monkey found in Europe.
  • There are 4 different types of monkeys that live in Mexico.
  • A few types of monkeys live in the semi-arid places of North Africa.
  • Monkeys eat: insects, birds’ eggs, nuts, sees, and fruits. They also eat small animals like lizards and more.
  • New world monkeys are small to mid-sized primates.
  • Old world monkeys are medium to large sized primates.

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