Tata Harrier Driven By 12th Class Student Falls Off Bridge [Video]

It looks like people who buy Tata cars find ways to test the build quality of their vehicles in one way or another. We have come across several incidents from the past where people driving Tata cars were involved in major accidents and have simply walked away without any major injury. Here we have an incident from Jharkhand where a Tata Harrier SUV, driven by a 12th class student, lost control and fell off a bridge. The video and images of the Harrier crash have already surfaced online. The occupants in the SUV survived with minor injuries.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video was shared with him by one of his followers. The incident was reported from Jharkhand’s Bokaro. This is probably the first time we have seen a video of a Harrier Facelift accident. As per the video, three 12th class students were traveling in a Tata Harrier SUV. The car was also driven by a 12th class student, and they were on NH18 when this accident happened.

One of the students who was driving the Harrier Facelift suddenly lost control of the vehicle somewhere near Telmacho bridge. The SUV probably crashed into the railing on the road, and they fell from the bridge. The front, side, and the roof of the SUV were damaged in this accident. It seems like a very major accident, and one of the locals who shared the video with the vlogger told him that the students were driving the SUV rashly, and that was the cause of this accident.

Tata Harrier Driven By 12th Class Student Falls Off Bridge [Video]
Harrier facelift accident

There are even reports that say the students were driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, but there is no concrete evidence to prove the same. The video shows the damages to the left side doors, front bumper, bonnet, and the roof. The car has turned turtle, and even after the impact, the SUV looks in good shape. It absorbed the impact pretty well. The roof has not collapsed, and the airbags also deployed in time. This means the occupants were wearing seat belts while driving the car.

The video mentions that only the student driving the car suffered minor injuries. The other occupants in the car were safe and were not injured at all. All three occupants in the car were lucky to have walked away from this accident without any major injuries. We will talk about the build quality of the vehicle in a bit, but the major cause of this accident was rash driving. We already know that the car was driven by 12th class students, which means they were probably underage drivers. Underage driving is illegal almost everywhere in the world, and if caught by the police, action would be taken against the parents, and also the chances of getting the vehicle seized are also pretty high.

In this case, the car was involved in an accident, and if the student doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, we think he is going to be in deep trouble. Also, rash driving should not be promoted in any manner as it puts the life of the driver, occupants, and also the lives of other road users at risk. Tata Harrier and Safari recently got an update, and the facelifted version of both these SUVs got a 5-star rating at Bharat NCAP.

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