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The City of Pompano Beach is gearing up to host the 32nd Annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam, a prestigious event where talented wordsmiths nationwide will gather. Pompano Beach Arts will be the stage for this four-day festival from June 12 to June 15. This event, a testament to the power of spoken word, performance poetry, and community, attracts over 200 poets who will compete for recognition and the coveted champion title. The festival spans Pompano Beach’s cultural hub, encompassing the Ali Cultural Center, Bailey Contemporary Arts Center, the Pompano Beach Cultural Center, and the beach. A festival pass costs $25 and covers the preliminary bouts and Finals. Workshop passes, including four programs, are also available for $15.

“We are honored that our City was selected for this prestigious competition,” says Ty Tabing, Director of the Cultural Affairs Department. “Through our current programs, such as Lyrics Lab and the Exit 36 Slam Poetry Festival, we have developed a reputation as an incubator for spoken word artists. Hosting the Southern Fried Poetry Slam enhances our commitment to supporting this dynamic and entertaining form of expression.”

Slam Poets Pompano Beach

Since 1993, a city in the southeastern region of the United States has hosted one of the world’s largest spoken word and performance poetry tournaments. Over 200 exceptionally talented writers and orators representing diverse backgrounds and styles will showcase their skills as they compete for cash and prizes. Poets from the southern states and beyond will participate, with past competitors traveling from as far as California and Hawaii to be part of this esteemed competition.

“We are so very excited to be visiting Pompano Beach this summer, and we look forward to having our competitors fully experience the beauty and culture of your city,” says Sarita Goods, president and Board of Directors of Southern Fried Poetry Inc. “In addition to the slams, our event offers workshops and other activities for the poets to enjoy while experiencing the host city.”

Sharonda “Eccentrich” Richardson, Vice President of the Board of Directors at Southern Fried Poetry, Inc., is a Pompano Beach local working tirelessly to ensure that 2024 will be a shining year for spoken word in her city. Richardson is the creator of Free on the Inside, a poetry series that conducts workshops and showcases spoken word poetry in prisons. Additionally, in 2018, she established the inaugural poetry festival in Pompano Beach, known as the Exit 36 Slam Poetry Festival.

“I have been working to make this happen for a long time, and now it’s become a reality,” says Richardson. “This event is a tremendous opportunity to immerse yourself in a spectrum of spoken word styles and perspectives, from heart-wrenching narratives to hilarious social commentary.”

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