Villa Azur: A Dining Experience With Fairytale Flair in Miami Beach

Once you step into Villa Azur, an energetic and ethereal restaurant in Miami Beach, you will be transported into a world where dining is not just about enjoying a meal. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget. Think of the restaurant as a magical location, proven by the sparkling lights that greet you once you step inside their garden. It’s a dining area that will make you feel like you are inside your own unique fairytale, one created just for your enjoyment.

The restaurant will not only make you feel like royalty but also as you have escaped into your own upscale and intimate restaurant experience.

When we went to the restaurant for a visit recently, we were truly impressed by the new Spring Menu, full of offerings meant to tantalize your tastebuds. The dishes are not just fresh and creative, but they leave you delighted when it comes to their creative flair and the Chef’s attention to detail.

Executive Chef Vincent Catala, who warmly greeted us during our visit, is an expert when it comes to blending his well-thought-out innovative cooking techniques. The Chef is not only passionate about the menu and his creations, but he’s got a vast amount of knowledge of what it takes to elevate a customer’s dining experience.

While visiting the restaurant, not onlydid we have a chance to try the items on the new menu, but we were impressed with our knowledgeable and kind server and how he considered our favorite spirits and flavors when it came to well-crafted cocktails. Ramelvis, our server at the time, made sure that we never ran out of cocktails to have with our meal and encouraged us to try cocktails that matched our meal. And he was an expert at pairing up wines with our dishes towards the end of the experience. This proves that not only is the staff proven to be professional and caring, but they also know how to make customers feel comfortable and engaged during their time spent at the restaurant.

Some starters that we recommend that we loved are the Red Beet and Salmon Crudo, which is truly refreshing and mixes in red beets with fresh salmon, perfectly drizzled with arugula aioli, and all of this goes perfectly with the citrus hummus that accompanies the starter. Then there’s the thinly sliced and premium Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, a fancy dish that is presented with tapioca pearls, roasted shallots, arugula aioli, and citrus hummus, creating a delicious blend of flavors.

Villa Azur Miami Beach
Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Some exciting and delectable main dishes on the menu are the Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Chorizo Crust, a fresh and perfectly seared sea bass that is just made even better with a chorizo crust, giving the fish a unique flavor that is as delicious as it is unexpected. Another recommendation is the Vodka and Crab Risotto, which is a very different type of risotto tossed and prepared tableside on a pecorino cheese wheel aged 12 months. You’ll love the added flair of the Elyx vodka-flamed Pomodoro cream prepared tableside, which adds elegance and excitement to the dish and to the moment when you are about to dig into the dish.

Villa Azur Miami
Oven Roasted Black Cod

Lastly, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy a delicious, sweet dessert to end the night right. One delight is the The Peach, which is a wonderful peach & cardamom compote with dulce-lemon cream, vanilla crumble, peach coulis and vanilla ice cream, a dessert that will leave you happy that you decided to indulge on a sweet something for the end of a luxurious and classy meal.

For reservations and for more information on the restaurant’s menus, visit or call (305) 763-8688.

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