Why choose CryptoProcessing.com for accepting crypto payments?

Due to a multitude of business benefits, merchants are increasingly looking to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their businesses. However, this shift often comes with its own set of challenges and hesitations. Concerns about security, the complexity of integration, fluctuating exchange rates, and high transaction fees are some of the common pain points faced by merchants. 

Addressing these issues requires a crypto payment processor that is not only reliable and secure but also user-friendly and financially feasible. This is where CryptoProcessing.com steps in as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive solution to these merchant challenges. 

Choose a Proven Market Leader 

CryptoProcessing.com boasts over 9 years of expertise in cryptocurrency, a testament to its deep understanding and commitment to the evolving digital currency landscape. Its zero set-up or monthly fees model has attracted over 800 merchant accounts, servicing more than 1 million transactions per month and processing over €700M in crypto monthly in the first half of 2023 alone.

The platform is not just about numbers; it’s about the security and reliability it offers. CryptoProcessing.com ensures the highest level of transaction safety, backed by rigorous independent security audits by firms like 10Guards and Hacken, revealing zero vulnerabilities. Registered and licensed in Estonia, which boasts one of the most comprehensive legal frameworks for cryptocurrency, the company ensures legal transparency and full security of transactions.

Choose Payment Flexibility

Recognising the unique requirements of the iGaming and Betting sector, the platform provides specialised channels that streamline cryptocurrency transactions in these fields. 

For eCommerce businesses, CryptoProcessing.com simplifies the payment process with easy-to-manage cryptocurrency deposit invoices, allowing for efficient and secure transactions.

In addition to these specific solutions, the platform also offers universally applicable, user-friendly payment links. These links facilitate a straightforward and swift payment process, suitable for a variety of business models and customer interactions.

Beyond these payment processing features, CryptoProcessing.com enhances financial management through its diversified treasury management system. This system offers businesses the flexibility and security needed to manage their cryptocurrency assets effectively. It includes features like multi-level wallet systems, allowing for automatic fund transfers between hot wallets, external wallets, and cold storage based on pre-set thresholds determined by the merchants.

A standout feature of CryptoProcessing.com is its innovative liquidity aggregator. This tool is designed to provide businesses with the most favourable exchange rates, reducing the cost of currency conversion and minimising slippage. The liquidity aggregator achieves this by integrating with leading exchanges and liquidity providers, ensuring that businesses can access the best available rates for their transactions.

Choose hassle-free crypto processing

CryptoProcessing.com offers a straightforward and efficient approach to crypto processing, ideal for businesses seeking quick and reliable transactions. 

The platform supports almost instant confirmations for widely-used cryptocurrencies, allowing for speedy transactions. It also offers extensive global coverage, enabling businesses to accept payments in over 20 popular cryptocurrencies and exchange them into more than 40 traditional currencies, including Bitcoin, 

The platform is also financially appealing due to its low commission rates without any hidden fees, along with the absence of rolling reserves, which means immediate access to funds. With Cryptoprocessing.com, merchants can expect fees as low as 1% and a unique loyalty program that aims to push fees even lower. 

In addition, integrating CryptoProcessing.com into business operations is made easy thanks to its user-friendly API and the support of a dedicated team. This ensures a smooth setup and ongoing support for businesses using the platform.

Choose the Most Awarded Crypto Payment Gateway of 2023

2023 was a standout year for CryptoProcessing.com, earning it widespread recognition and numerous awards:

  • Global Payment Innovation Awards: Highly Acclaimed for Best Blockchain Payment Initiative;
  • EGR B2B Awards: Winner of the Cryptocurrency Services Supplier 2023;
  • SiGMA Balkans Awards: Crypto Payment Solution of the Year;
  • World Business Outlook Awards: Leading Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway in Europe 2023;
  • MiGEA Excellence Awards: Crowned as the Best Crypto Payment Provider.

These recognitions are a testament to CryptoProcessing.com’s commitment to innovation, security, and excellence in the field of cryptocurrency payment processing.

Choose CryptoProcessing.com

Holding the top-spot in the industry for multiple years, opting for CryptoProcessing.com is a no-brainer – especially considering that it offers some of the most competitive fees on the market. 

The numerous accolades and awards garnered in 2023 are a testament to its unwavering commitment to providing top-notch crypto processing services. By choosing CryptoProcessing.com, businesses not only harness the power of advanced cryptocurrency technology but also partner with a market leader dedicated to driving growth and success in the ever-expanding world of digital finance.

The only question that’s left unanswered is what your next steps are as a merchant. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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