Yamaha RX100 And RD350 Comebacks: Are They Happening?

When the names of legendary bikes Yamaha RX100 and RD350 come up in a conversation in India, they ignite a spark of nostalgia and anticipation. These iconic bikes have left a deep mark on the hearts of passionate riders in the country as they once ruled the roads with their unmatched performance and beautiful designs. Ever since their discontinuation back in the day, motorcycle enthusiasts in India have been wondering if these time-tested classics will make their return as modern vehicles. And if you are one of those wondering the same thing, then you have come to the right place.

Yamaha RX100 And RD350 Comebacks: Are They Happening?

RX100: Will it return?

We understand that this news will break a lot of people’s hearts; however, Yamaha has officially confirmed that the RX100 brand will not be making a comeback to the Indian market. But on the brighter side, there is hope on the horizon. Yamaha is reportedly working on a motorcycle carrying the ‘RX’ name. This shows that the brand understands the emotional connection enthusiasts have with the RX100 legacy. According to Eishin Chihana, Chairman of Yamaha Motor India, the decision not to revive the RX100 brand stems from the desire to preserve its sentimental value.

Yamaha RX100 And RD350 Comebacks: Are They Happening?

Yamaha has also acknowledged the challenges of living up to the iconic status of the RX100. And this is why the company is currently focused on developing a modern motorcycle that honors its legacy. The RX100, a legend in its own right, captured the hearts of Indian riders in the 1990s with its agile performance and lightweight design. Powered by a lively 100cc two-stroke engine, it became synonymous with the term “pocket rocket.” Yamaha recognizes that any successor to the RX100 must meet certain criteria, including an engine size of at least 200cc to match its performance levels.

So you may get an RX branded motorcycle that has many of the qualities of the RX100 – but not the RX100 itself.

RD350: Will it make a return?

Yamaha RX100 And RD350 Comebacks: Are They Happening?

Meanwhile, rumors surrounding the potential reintroduction of the Yamaha RD350 have also been circulating on the internet for quite some time now. Recently, Yamaha Japan trademarked the names RZ350 and RZ250, fueling speculation about the introduction of a modern 350cc motorcycle. Motorcycling enthusiasts across the globe are hoping that the company is planning for a revival of the RD350, which was once known for its legendary performance and timeless design.

What can we expect from Yamaha?

Yamaha RX100 And RD350 Comebacks: Are They Happening?

If these comebacks do indeed materialize, enthusiasts can expect modernized versions of these classic motorcycles. As mentioned above, the company will not be producing a new RX100; however, the new RD350 or RZ350 will most likely aim to capture the essence of the original model. The company, however, will be incorporating modern advancements in engine technology and design to keep it in line with the needs of the modern-day biking enthusiasts. The Yamaha RD350, affectionately known as the “King of the Streets,” was renowned for its powerful twin-cylinder two-stroke engine and agile handling. It became a cult classic among riders, revered for its unmatched performance and distinctive exhaust note, and we can expect the brand to provide all of the above characteristics in the new model.

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