You Can Get Dinosaur Egg Easter Eggs That Are Worth Roaring Over

Dinosaur eggs as Easter eggs? These dinosaur Easter eggs are the ultimate dinosaur egg toy because they can take your regular Easter egg hunt to a whole new level.  Dinosaur eggs as Easter eggs also help in situations where candy or other egg stuffing ideas can raise allergy or food sensitivity concerns.

Dinosaur Egg Easter Eggs - a dozen dino eggs are shown with the baby dinosaurs
Look what hatches out of your Dinosaur Egg Easter Eggs!

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Dinosaur Egg Easter Eggs

These adorable dinosaur eggs are the perfect solution!  Psst…these go in/out of stock pretty frequently, so consider these alternatives if that happens to be the case:

Each crackled, speckled egg looks like a dinosaur egg and comes pre-stuffed with a miniature dinosaur figurine.  Everyone at your Easter egg hunt will be looking for these dinosaur eggs at the egg hunt.

Dinosaur Eggs hatch into little dinosaur figurines - Easter Egg option
Dinosaur eggs hatch into baby dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Egg Toys for Kids

Each 12-pack of eggs comes with 3 different egg colors, 4 of each kind, with the eggs stuffed with one of 5 types of 2-inch miniature dinosaurs.

The eggs are approximately 3.5 inches tall and open and shut easily, so perfect for playing with again and again.

Unlike candy, these plastic egg fillers will be part of a kids toy collection for years!

hatched Easter egg Dinosaur eggs - a dozen dinosaur babies
This is BIG dinosaur fun!

Do you have dinosaur loving kids?  

These dinosaur eggs don’t just have to be for Easter.  

Besides egg hunts, they are ideal for party favors for a dinosaur birthday party or for dinosaur science project displays.

Easter dinosaur eggs shown in a dozen with a small dinosaur from cracked egg

Plastic Dinosaur Easter Eggs with Dinosaur Skeletons Inside

Besides the eggs with the dinosaur figurines, you can also get a 12-pack of Dinosaur Eggs with 3D Puzzle Dinosaur Skeletons, so you can mix and match your dinos.  If these dino egg toys happen to be out of stock, check out these alternatives:

These puzzle dinosaur eggs include the dinosaur skeleton pieces and assembly instructions so your kids can build their own dinosaurs too.

dinosaur eggs Easter eggs - dozen eggs shown with dinosaur skeletons as plastic egg filler
Oh look at the super cute dino skeletons inside the Easter eggs!

Plastic Filled Easter Dinosaur Eggs

When we first wrote this article, there were just a few examples of these super cute plastic filled Easter egg Dinosaur eggs.  The good news is there are a bunch of options now! 

Here are a few more filled plastic dinosaur eggs for Easter we love that are all still in stock:

As if that wasn’t enough dinosaur egg fun, we found these adorable hatching dinosaurs…like they actually hatch!

Dinosaur Easter eggs - pink dinosaur shown in an open hatched green egg
Oh sweet dino baby!

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Will your kids love the Easter egg dinosaur eggs?

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