You Won’t Believe These Epic Playhouses

Kids playhouses are so great! Not only are they a great way to promote pretend play, but you can get an indoor playhouse or an outdoor playhouse. And they’re so much cooler nowadays!

Epic Playhouses built by Charmed Playhouses.
These play houses are so epic!

Playhouse For Kids

These aren’t your typical backyard playgrounds. Tyson and Audy Leavitt build epic playhouses for kids that you have to see to believe with their family-run business, Charmed Playhouses.

We just love the creativity and imagination behind some of their builds, and we just had to share some of them with you!

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Epic Playhouses for Kids Built By Audy Designs

It all started when Tyson decided to build a playhouse for his own kids. Now, he and his wife work together to create playhouses any kid would envy. Tyson does the building; Audy designs the interior to match the theme. They even have their own show on TLC chronicling their epic builds.

Epic Playhouses for Kids- a tree house with a door that looks like a big brown tree with a balcony, and lights and windows.
These treehouses and playhouse are based on the TLC show Treehouse Masters.

This build took the term “treehouse” to a whole new level!

Peter Pan Inspired Tree House

 Captain Hook's ship! Complete with lights, mast, crows nest, windows, and slides!
This playhouse looks like Captain Hook’s ship!

How about this ship inspired by Peter Pan?! It looks like Captain Hook’s ship! Complete with lights, mast, crows nest, windows, and slides! This is so great! Plus, it still has the feel of classic wooden playhouses. 

I can’t really say with a modern design as it looks like a ship. But this will definitely promote your little girl or little boy to want to be pirates! Imaginative play is the best!

Have Your Own Outdoor Playhouse

This playhouse is like a tiny house. It has plants and it looks like a nice sitting area with comfy pillows.
This is so cute! With it’s lights, barn doors, and lights. It looks like a cottage.

We just love this stable-inspired playhouse that was built for NBA player Stephen Curry. I don’t think this is necessary a kids’ outdoor playhouse, but who says tree houses are just for kids?

This is more like a tiny house. It has plants and it looks like a nice sitting area with comfy pillows.

Rapunzel’s Tower Themed Tree House

Rapunzel tower playhouse with a climbing wall, slides, and bridge. It has a stone tower with blue pointed roof and a yellow slide.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

This epic playhouse reminds me of Rapunzel’s tower! So fun! This kid’s playhouse is amazing! Younger children will love this! This is the perfect play to pretend to be a princess and Flinn! They’ll have a great time with this one.

Magical and Fantasy Family Tree House

Fantasy cottage play house that is great with a tile roof with windows, lights, and towers in the woods surrounded by white and pink flowers.
Look how cute this is! It’s like a fantasy cottage!

This fairytale cottage playhouse was built for MLB player Ryan Zimmerman and his family! I love that the family has their own place in the woods to have fun! These wood playhouses look like real houses, but smaller. This unique playhouse would be perfect for family game night!

The Shire Inspired Theme House

The Shire themed play house with tile rounded roof, round door that is blue, with trees, windows, and bird houses.

This fun playhouse looks like it came straight out of The Shire! Which makes it perfect for anyone who loves Lord of the Rings. I think this is my favorite. Children’s playhouse should be full of magic and fun!

This is way cooler than the plastic playhouses we had when I was a kid. Which I’m not complaining, I love them, but this is amazing! There isn’t a specific age range for these play houses, kids of all ages will love them.

To see more of the amazing playhouses that Tyson and his family build, be sure to tune in to “Playhouse Masters” on TLC!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Tree Houses

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Which treehouse is your favorite? Would your family love a play house like one of these? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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