YouTuber surprises Uber riders by picking them up in 1 crore BMW X7 luxury SUV [Video]

App-based cab services like Uber and Ola are quite popular among people in India. Many people rely on these taxi services in the metro cities to commute to the office and other places. People usually get small hatchbacks and sedans for their commute, but at times the cab gets upgraded automatically due to unavailability of other vehicles. Here we have a video where a YouTuber actually surprised an Uber rider after she drove up to them in a 1 crore BMW X7 luxury SUV. This type of video has been done by many YouTubers internationally in the past, and here is how the riders reacted to it.

The video has been uploaded by Rajni Chaudhary on her YouTube channel. In this video, the YouTuber actually got in touch with an Uber/Ola cab driver and asked him to help her execute this plan. Using the cab driver’s phone, she turned on the application, and immediately she got a ride. The YouTuber was worried as she was not sure how people are going to respond. She asked the cab driver to accompany her for the ride. For the first ride, the cab driver was going in front, and she was following the driver in her BMW X7. After reaching the spot, the YouTuber called the customer, and the lady who picked up the call was actually surprised.

The vlogger told her that Uber had upgraded her ride, and she had got herself a BMW X7 SUV. The customer was in shock, and even after coming near the car, she was not ready to get in. The vlogger finally got out and spoke to the customer and told her about what was happening. Half-heartedly, the customer finally got in. Once she sat in, the customer started talking and made herself comfortable. The passenger can be heard saying that she was new to this place and was actually worried about getting into the car.

YouTuber surprises Uber riders by picking them up in 1 crore BMW X7 luxury SUV [Video]
YouTuber pranks uber riders with BMW

The vlogger assured her that this is just a video, and she is worried about this more than the passenger itself. After dropping the customer at her destination, the vlogger did get a couple of more bookings; however, all of them got canceled after they heard a woman answer the phone instead of a male driver. Many of them were suspicious and did not even come forward to know what was happening.

After many rides got canceled, the YouTuber finally got a booking where she had to pick four passengers. She came to the location and called the passenger. The passenger was once again confused and was standing right behind the luxury SUV. He had no idea what was happening. When the customer was standing there all confused and surprised, the vlogger walked up to him and made him sit in the car. She explains in the video that this is her car and she even shared the details related to the car with the customer for assurance.

She drives the car with the passengers on board, and everyone leaves happy. She can be heard saying in the video that her attempt was to prank people; however, she was the one who has been getting surprises. This is not the first time something like this has happened in India. Years ago, another vlogger had registered an Audi R8 sports car as Maruti Dzire and had driven up to the customer to pick them.

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